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Stephanie Hacksel


Stephanie is one of Western Canada’s most experienced legal recruiters. In her over 20 years of practice, she has built the trust and confidence of a vast network of lawyers, hiring professionals, and executive teams. Starting her career as a lawyer with a major Vancouver firm, Stephanie soon discovered a passion for people over the billable hour. Since transitioning to legal recruitment, she has helped innumerable Partners, Associates, and teams of lawyers find new homes. She has worked with some of Canada’s largest companies and most exciting start-ups to build their legal departments. Stephanie is widely recognized as a market expert who employs her extensive experience to help both employers and employees make strategic, well-informed decisions. When she is not recruiting (rarely), she is enjoying the company of her children (immensely) and her husband (sometimes). She also finds time for her treasured friends without whom she could not survive.

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Stephanie Hacksel

Stephanie took the time to understand our requirements, our business, and our culture – our value proposition to a recruit. Because of this, she could help us to assess candidates effectively, and could help us and the candidates understand each other. Once we identified our preferred candidate, Stephanie worked with us to move the process along, iron out the wrinkles, and move us along efficiently to an accepted offer.

Mike Walker
Managing Partner
Miller Thomson LLP Vancouver

Hunter West is excellent. Stephanie was very responsive to our requests and accessible at all times. She listened to us and did exactly as we requested without being ‘pushy’. We had a need that required speed and specific knowledge of the marketplace as it pertained to lawyers. We contacted three firms and selected Hunter West due to their specialization in the type of position that we were seeking. It was very clear that they were there to serve our unique needs as opposed to simply acting as a placement agency to fill a position with anyone half decent. We appreciated their speed and access to candidates that may not have otherwise applied. I also liked the fact that Stephanie did all the reference and other checks, and kept us updated step by step. I have worked with several recruitment agencies, and Hunter West’s style stands out. Their strength is truly caring about what the client wants and making it easy for them to achieve their goal, as opposed to telling the client what is best for them. I would rank Hunter West among the best in B.C. and, in terms of the legal field, the best.

General Manager

Stephanie was fast, available, open, and honest. She truly cared about getting me a job and was an advocate for me towards my prospective employer. She was quick to respond to my emails and requests, and even went above and beyond at making herself available outside normal work hours. Overall, I was very impressed with her work.

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